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Our Solutions

We provide holistic solutions towards your business improvement goals ranging from basic LEAN methodologies to technologically advanced systems.


All of which is focused to increase profitability and cash flow.

We transparenty and holistically access your company's internal abilities and external dependencies to draw a business improvement plan. 


Our focus is generally on "blue ocean" strategies whereby we help your business to develop unique market differentiators in order to always stay a step or two ahead of your competitors - avoiding the need for price wars.


Although we are experienced in strategizing for short and long term price wars (if needed), it is almost always best to avoid a blood bath. 

Our consultants are heavily experienced in a variety of digital transformations, and will be able to advise you on a best-fitting solution based on your needs and budget. 

We truly believe that digital transformations have been overpriced in the past decade and we are proud to have successfully disrupt the market with cost-effective solutions.

Our meticulous planning, step-by-step migration and customized solutions with clear analytics/indicators ensures that your digital transformation is not only successful but sustainable in the long term. 

What sets us apart is the knowledge and experience to advise on the viability of synergizing  the transformation with IoT to allow your business to lead with a competitive advantage.

Our advisors stem from a variety of industries with hands on experience utilizing cutting edge technologies covering:

  • Robotics & Autonomous Systems

    • Aerial, Hydro, Terrestrial & Subsurface

  • Augmented Reality Systems

  • LiDAR & Thermal sensors/analytics

  • High precision geomatics

  • Remote Operations


We hold exclusivity for certain technologies in Malaysia, and are linked to multiple other partners or companies holding IP and/or rights.

This allows us to provide cost-effective solutions for your specific business needs.

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