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Strengthen the Value Chain & Grow via Fundamental Business Strategies 

Our Services

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We represent clients sourcing for investment, merger, and/or acquisitions of Startups / SME. As a private equity consultancy, our services includes reviewing your business, support the development of business case/strategy to maximize it's potential valuation and align your business to companies with synergies or interest in your portfolio for investments.


We deep dive into your organization resources focusing on asset ROIC and human capital efficiency. Resource loading is then projected to ensure you accurately forecast your needs and have the transparency to make right decisions regarding any gaps and/or excess within.


We analyse regional trends and needs (if you haven't) along with expansion strategies specifically focusing on:

  • Ensuring you maintain total control in countries requiring local content (Specialized in Thailand/Myanmar/Brunei/Laos/Malaysia)

  • Minimalizing entry OPEX and CAPEX cost 

Brainstorm to Success

We fundamentally access your company's goals and ability and focus on a "blue ocean" strategy for you to ensure you are able to fully evaluate the potentials in comparison to going head to head with your competitors on a price war. (Note: We're very experienced in strategizing for a short/long term price war too but prefer to avoid a blood bath)

Analysing the Numbers

Focusing on end-to-end business process mapping to identify deep rooted inefficiencies. A revised cross-department process map with measurable indicators is usually deployed at completion of scope to ensure improvements will be sustainable. 


We deep dive into your current processes, efficiencies, digitalization level and market analysis. We then provide you with a clear strategy focusing on optimizing OPEX to scale up or down which will include financial and supply chain stress tests. 

Business Handshake

We provide transparent evaluation, internal/market benchmarking and strategic negotiations advice to ensure you receive the most value for money in your procurement processes. We also provide corporate finance (advisory and support) along with escrow services in order to ensure you and your business partners' financial risk is minimized.


We analyze your way of working including work force capacity/capability, budget and needs (critical steps often missed) and advise you on your transformation needs which could range from simple cloud based business suites to major ERP. We then walk with you throughout the entire adoption as it will be the largest transformation your business will go through.

Globalization concept

We focus not just on SEO but on the overall psychological experience (by anchoring, gratification, grounded cognition etc) to ensure lower bounce rates and higher buy-ins from your targeted audience.

We Customize Our Solutions to Improve Your Value Chain

Our diverse offerings in management consulting ensures we are able to provide comprehensive solutions to your needs.

We pride ourselve with our boutique approach to every individual client which ensures you obtain the most value from our services.

Speak to us about our "zero-nett-impact" solutions which fundamentally guarantees your commercial benefit will be higher than our cost.

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