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Dive Into the New Age of Business Improvement via IOT & Analytics

Our Services

Digitalization & Cloud Analytics

We have always championed the fact that digitalizing your business goes beyond saving IT infrastructure cost. It helps you obtain transparency in operational effectiveness, cost and efficiencies throught your organization. This transition would be one of the biggest transformations any business goes through and we're here to ensure you start off with a sustainable and achievable plan, and end with clear change management strategies in place.

End-To-End Business Transparency

Mapping your value chain will be one of the most complicated but necessary task in ensuring business continuity and scalability.  Our advisors go beyond process mapping and deep dive into the capabilities of your workforce while embedding a succession strategy to mitigate risk of business disruption in the event an employee is no longer functional. More often than not, we noticed corporations solely depend on a few key individuals, and overlook business continuity risks.

Lean & Scalable Processes

Industry experience plays a key role in ensuring processes are leaned without impacting business goals and our Lean Six Sigma certified consultants pride themselves with the ability to minimize impact of process changes to the workforce (critical to reduce disruptive learning curve) while achieving efficiency targets.

Collaborative & Agile Workplace

We focus our strategies of collaboration to enable team members to operate in synergy in completing work tasks. Our methods ensures lag time is reduced and rate of work increases to allow for business to maximize efficiencies. 

If needed, our experience in VSAT technology and remote connectivity can ensure that every member of your team, regardless of their geographical location is linked up in real-time; true to the definition of a global connected workforce.

New Technology / AI Adoption

We notice a huge gap in most digitalization roadmap whereby IOT (the ability to link physical systems to your digital ecosystem) is missed. This aspect, although a non-dependant "requirement" of digitalization, is a vital part of your business value chain. 

Our Advanced Technology division focuses on this digital integration where reliability and efficiencies of systems can be monitored in real-time by analyzing vibrations, heat, deformations, speed and ultimately mechanical/structural integrity. 


"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change."

Charles Darwin

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