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Tara Advisory is proud to be the Exclusive Agent for SHERP in Malaysia

World's Leading Complete All-Terrain-Vehicle 

SHERP has zero competition in its class with:


  • Up to 61hrs endurance on water & all-terrain travel, which allows for access to anywhere via a single vehicle - displacing the need for conventional combination of 4x4 + boat + loaders!

  • Proven worldwide track record & reliability in energy, mining, construction industry, along with public services (government / humanitarian).

  • Cost reduction of up to 75% in remote operations compared to conventional transportation / logistical methods.

  • Integrated Satellite Communication allows IoT integration, real-time tracking, reporting and updates to/from HQ.

  • Integrated Drone allows remote monitoring, increases situational awareness, and improved data acquisition speed within remote locations.

  • Mobile Command Centre allows small teams to work for multiple days at remote location with quick response turnaround time to cater to location changes.

United Nations World Food Program in Africa

IRM for Power Companies World Wide

Mining in Chile

Border Control in Belarus

Flood Evacuation Drill - OCR New England 

Search & Rescue in South Dakota

Contact info@tara-advisory for customized solutions or visit https://sherp.global/ for more information on SHERP. 

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