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Our Results Speaks For Itself:

Our advisory team has achieved major successes within their careers in the management consulting realm and industry serving Micro, SME, Mid-Tier to multinational listed corporations.

We pride ourselves with our boutique approach in identifying and resolving issues, which sets us apart from the typical generic one-size-fits-all approach.


MYR 38.6mil savings per wellhead platform based on 33% schedule optimization and 18% cost savings

Developed a business case and project execution framework to implement a streamlined fabrication concept including viability evaluation of the Approved for Construction (AFC) design against Field Development Plans (FDP) of potential fields for a National Oil Company.

  • Delivery of a comprehensive business case to ensure client makes the right decision.

  • Delivered an overall execution framework to ensure the client is able to continuously sustain the benefits via internal resources instead of consultants.

  • Provided benchmark analysis of industry operators cost and transition strategy for implementation into organization.

  • Allowed client to achieve first oil and generate revenue earlier than planned.


MYR 102.2mil projected revenue over 24 months via digitalization of nationwide commodities trading

End-to-end advisory scope to strategize and deliver an integrated value map of the commodities industry in order to support and affirm clients' business case to state/federal ministries.

  • Analyzed market size (tonnage/value) and distribution (along with logistical network) of overall commodities within the nation.

  • Structured and mapped value chain with key focus on digitalization value add to federal/state governments, shareholders and market (buyers/traders).

  • Mapped end-to-end digital network requirements in order to allow transparent and secure monitoring.

  • Delivered digitalization roadmap, which includes phasing of market adoption strategy to minimize operational stability risk.

  • MoU with federal ministry approved with our business case as the strategic roadmap. 


MYR 40.9mil increase in revenue over 5 years (approx. 342% overall growth)

Strategic advisory on operational cost optimization and strategic business diversification advisory for Commercial department of a SME company

  • Deep dive into company’s cost and financial structure, strength and weaknesses to understand highest ROIC services to venture into.

  • In depth risk analysis (with consideration towards reputational impact) to ensure cost-benefit is transparently reported to higher management for decisions.

  • Strategically rolling out diversification plans in lined with company’s capacity to ensure minimal cost of scale up.

  • Pre-planning of trigger points and exit strategy.  


MYR 5.1mil per year with 16% increase in offshore productivity (per work barge)

Lead and delivered end-to-end process improvement strategy for entire Maintenance and Production process covering 8 offshore platforms for an International Oil Company in Sarawak. Deep dive includes data analysis (SAP), on ground interviews of stakeholders (part of Lean - Gemba methodology) and change management to roll out initiatives.

  • Delivered a integrated end-to-end business process map to reduce inefficiencies (gaps/overlap/bottlenecks).

  • Setup of leading and lagging indicators at strategic points within process to ensure client is able to continuously track efficiencies and adjust accordingly.

  • Conducted change management initiatives (along with advisory of realignment of KPIs) to ensure workforce quickly adapts to the new way of working.

  • Project endorsed by regional VP and recognition from Global Business Improvement Lead.


MYR 10.8 mil cost savings via approx. 12% COGS reduction 

Strategized and implemented scale down of overhead, cash flow and overall operations for a SME company with clear scale up plans (to be triggered at pre-determined forecast) in order to sustain during the 2014 oil crisis. The company now has grown to Mid-Tier and our advisers are still involved in strategizing for them 5 years later.

  • Developed and established resource loading calculation tool to seamlessly predict monthly/quarterly/yearly resource needs (gaps/excess of both assets and human capital) which allowed for proactive measures to be taken.

  • Re-establishment of rates/contracts/relationships with vendors leveraging on best practice cash flow management.

  • Progressive implementation of SOP for front liners (PMT and Mid-Level Management) specifically on stakeholder management, risk management and project PnL management to ensure decisions are made with a holistic view.


BND 180k per year savings by increasing efficiency by 12%

Strategized and implemented scale up for a SME to kick start operations in Brunei including on-boarding interviews of new hire to manage a contract efficiently and sustainably with an International Oil Company.

  • Setup a full operating base in Brunei to ensure efficiency in logistics cost.

  • Strategized operational process to be in lined with Holding Co with changes based on Brunei subsidiary structure

  • Increase Gross Profit by 15% compared to bid target.


35% reduction in operating cost from pre to post acquisition

Conducted due-diligence, financial analysis and completed end-to-end acquisition process of a local Thai company for a Mid-Tier client (Investor) in order to expand their business from Malaysia into Thailand

  • Conducted due diligence on Thai entity (seller) via desktop analysis of financials, interview with shareholders/directors and operational effectiveness study.

  • Ensured foreign investor maintains autonomy in control of company while meeting local Thai company status.

  • Allowed seamless expansion of client into neighbouring region with minimal overhead.


MYR 2.4mil savings over 3 years by increasing efficiency by 8%

Strategized and implemented scale up plans for a SME to meet an International Oil Company contract in 2019 by leveraging on upskilling and realignment/restructuring of current resources.

  • Zero delays in first project commencement

  • Strategize a sustainable and low cost model to meet the increase in demand while adhering to contractual and safety requirements

  • Increase Gross Profit by 7% compared to bid target.


Turnaround strategy - Projection from -15% losses to +24% profit within 18 months

Strategized restructuring of assets and liabilities including cashflow projections and credit plans to allow the company to scale it's operations organically while meeting clients' demands/ 

  • Conducted comprehensive financial stress test in order to map its strength, weakness and opportunities for improvements.

  • Restructured OPEX to fit projected revenue growth without jeopardizing quality and uptime.

  • Restructured CAPEX plans (outsource versus internal) based on projected GP (sync to plans on credit facilities - just in time concept) 

  • Strategized milestones (i.e. storyline) in order to maximize investment plans.


Cost avoidance of MYR 1.3mil by outsourcing a construction contract valued at MYR 8.3mil

Strategized and implemented operational plans for a SME to deliver services for Pan-Borneo Highway contract in 2018 by leveraging on market competitiveness.

  • Sourced, negotiated and evaluated BOQ quantities/rates/availability of contractors to ensure cost optimization with focus on reliability.

  • Prepared advanced Bill of Quantity tracking and reporting methodologies to allow for transparent reporting by contractor.

  • Negotiated and acted as mediator with client/contractors to ensure all disputes or uncertainties are resolved amicably.

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